dogs at the apartement!

We welcome dogs at our house, please be aware of our dog-house-rules.

Only with your assistance following guests will find a clean and hygienic home.

Please take notice that we only welcome well-bred, well-kept and housebroken dogs.

  • Under consideration of other guests uncontrolled barking and gaping in the apartments is not allowed.
  • If your dog runs free in the apartement while you are not present, please let us know.
  • There are free-running animals on the farm (eg . Chicken , ducks , etc.). If your dog reacts to free animals, we ask you to kepp him on a leash.
  • Dry and clean your dog before entering the apartment.
  • The bed and the couch must be taboo for the dog!! Feel free to bring your own blankets
  • Carpets in the apartements don´t serve as resting places for your dog. If necessary ask your landlady for old towels

Please understand:

  • that we charge a final cleaning fee of € 30 for dogs
  • that you bring your own linen
  • that we inspect the property on the day of departure with you

Should your apartement be disproportionately polluted by your dog, we charge a unique , additional cleaning fee of at least € 100,- . (Up to the level of our actual costs)!